Internal theft and voided transactions are among the leading reasons that have caused many businesses to go under. To prevent massive loss of profits from your business, you need to come up with a proactive strategy that involves using the right tools to curb your business from such loss. One such tool is a Point of Sales System. But how can you use your POS to curb theft?

1.     Set Elaborate Security Clearance

The best way to go about it is to ensure that every user of the POS system has some clearance level of security.  Employees in your business should have different security clearance level so that managers take part in many security functions. The manager should only initiate operations such as voiding or price changes. That way, the chances of theft are reduced or eliminated because you can go back to establish why the price was changed or the reason why the sale was voided. In such a setup, the manager will have the power to override security settings to allow a staff member with no permission to use a particular function.

2.     Setup Detailed Cash Tracking

Your staff members can easily steal cash. To secure cash, you had better setup your Point of Sales System to always require a button and dollar amount any time the cash drawer is opened. That way, you can easily track cash movement in your business. Even where your staff enters “cash paid out” or voids a sale, you will have the opportunity to establish what exactly happened.

3.     Implement the use of PIN or Employee Cards

To implement robust security for your POS system to curb internal theft, you should require that your employees sign in the POS system using secured security cards or PIN. The importance of secure logging is to protect intrusion by unauthorized individuals both from inside and outside the organization. It also helps in the tracking of transactions and makes it easier to establish who was logged in when a particular sale was voided. The use of secured logging ensures that everyone is accountable.

4.     Comprehensive Audit Trail

An excellent POS will report and document all the happenings in your business. Like the owner of the business intending to curb theft, you should review all activities relating to unsuccessful login, order voids, price changes, and removal of items from orders, time clock changes, and security overrides.

A Point of Sales System if deployed properly can be a valuable tool that you can use to curb theft from your staff. Preventing such theft may go a long way to make your business venture a success.


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