At present, the business environment is experiencing new challenges that did not exist a few years ago. This is largely due to the emergence of electronic gadgets and technologies that have revolutionized business. As technology integrates most facets of our daily lives, transitioning into the digital age has become more of a necessity than a choice. Retailers, bars, restaurants, and many other businesses have to face hard choices about their operations. Key among these is the choice of point of sale system (POS).

Choosing the right POS system is critical to business operations. An all-in-one POS solution is the ideal choice. This is where an iPad POS system comes in. Its benefits go beyond giving your business a look of sophistication. They include the following:

1. An iPad POS system saves you money

A traditional POS system can set you back upwards of $20,000, but a complete iPad POS system should only cost you $1,000. It comes complete with a cash drawer, receipt printer and of course an iPad. Even with the monthly fee of about $69 per register depending on your package, an iPad POS is still the inexpensive alternative.

2. Improves customer service by streamlining the sales process

The portability of the iPad makes serving customers very convenient. With POS capability in hand, your salespeople can show a customer a selection and the remaining number products right there on the iPad and make the sale on the spot.

An iPad POS equipped with an In-store iPad retailing App, for example, can display various products for customers, make suggestions based on their purchasing preferences and if the customer’s orders are out of stock, place e-commerce orders.

3. Inventory and product catalog management

You could have additional apps on your iPad serving to help you effectively manage your inventory and product catalog. This helps you control ordering, storage and sale of products. A smooth flow of products from manufacturers to warehouses and finally to the point of sale ensures that you always have what customers want.

4. Employee training is very easy

Implementing an iPad POS system is very easy. All that is required is training on using the iPad applications and POS tools. In this day and age of mobile ubiquity, employees do not need much training on handling an iPad. 

5. It is an excellent sales strategy

If your shoppers can access your employees on the floor with iPad POS systems containing your product catalog, price, ratings, product suggestions and more, they are likely to shop for more. Traditional point-of-sale hardware is not designed to up-sell, cross-sell or provide pre-sale service.



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